Yalcin Trailer is a leading manufacturer of
semi-trailers for the special transport industry

With the Power We Receive from the Past,
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Yalcin Trailer, established in 1978, has built a reputation as an important manufacturer of specialized semi-trailers for transporting exceptional loads. With decades of experience, our dedication to quality and innovation has distinguished us in the industry. We proudly export 80% of our production to 85 countries worldwide, serving diverse transportation needs across bustling cities and remote landscapes with reliable and high-performing semi-trailers.

What sets us apart is our commitment to crafting semi-trailers capable of handling loads ranging from 20 to 150 tonnes. Whether it's heavy machinery, oversized equipment, or specialized cargo, Yalcin Trailer offers tailored solutions for efficient and safe transportation. We prioritize collaboration, offering expertise, customization, and partnership to ensure your unique needs are met. From concept to design, our skilled team works closely with you, delivering a seamless integration of functionality, durability, and innovation that exceeds expectations in trailer design. Choose Yalcin Trailer, and let's create something extraordinary together.

46 years of experience. We listen to you, know what you need and produce special solutions for you.

Our expertise lies in offering transport solutions across a range of sectors, including heavy transport, agriculture, construction, boat or railway vehicle transport, forestry machines, wood transport, project loads transport, wind energy equipment, and defense projects.


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