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We provide a diverse range of goosenecks tailored to suit various applications:

Inner Beam or Outer Beam Gooseneck: Choose between inner beam or outer beam goosenecks to maximize loading platform length in the dimensional limits.
Hydraulically Operated Gooseneck: Select our hydraulic-operated gooseneck for improved weight distribution between the lowbed semi-trailer and the truck, enhancing operational ease especially in challenging road conditions.
Customizable Side and Close Boards: Explore our selection of various side and close board configurations, offering valuable storage space to meet your needs.
Versatile Headboard Options: Select from our range of headboard designs - from basic short or long, to specialized tool box-formed headboards for efficient storage of lashing equipment and other essentials.

Loading Platform

We provide extensive customization options for your lowbed semi-trailer's loading platform to meet your specific requirements:

Versatile Loading Platform: Tailor your loading platform to your needs with options for single or double extendable loading platforms for added flexibility. Alternatively, opt for a fixed loading platform for stability.
Rear Section Design: Choose between a straight or chamfered rear section design to suit your loading preferences.
Safety Assurance with Lashing Rings: Ensure safety with an ample number of lashing rings, guaranteeing secure transportation of your cargo.
Side Extension Brackets: Expand your loading capabilities with side extension brackets, enabling the loading of oversize loads with ease.
Diverse Loading Platform Coverings: Select from a variety of loading platform coverings including tropic wood, grid steel, or anti-slip coated steel, catering to different cargo requirements.
Wheel Wells and Excavator Well: Utilize wheel wells and excavator well to minimize total height when loading large wheeled machines or excavators, ensuring efficient transportation.
Hydraulic Lifting Platform: Simplify access for small machines through the gooseneck with a hydraulic lifting platform, enhancing loading efficiency.
Container Lock Variety: Choose from a range of container locks to facilitate the transport of oversize and exceptional containers with our lowbed semi-trailers.
Pillar Pockets, Pillars: Utilize pillar pockets and pillars to stabilize loads or adapt different types of equipment, ensuring secure transportation and ease of use.

Axles, Steering and Suspension

As axles constitute a critical component of semi-trailers, we collaborate closely with reputable axle manufacturers such as BPW and SAF to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specialized requirements effectively.

Flexible Axle Capacities: Ranging from 9 to 14 tons, our axle solutions are designed to accommodate diverse load demands. Coupled with different tyre size options from leading brands like CONTINENTAL, PIRELLI, GOODYEAR, BRIDGESTONE, and HANKOOK, we ensure optimal solution.
Basic Steering Options: We provide fixed and self-steering axle combinations, catering to users seeking simplicity without compromising on usability.
Steering Systems for Enhanced Manoeuvrability: Choose between hydraulic or electro-hydraulic steering systems based on your requirements. Our hydraulic steering systems are supplied from TRIDEC, while electro-hydraulic systems are supplied by VSE.
Diverse Suspension Systems: Our range includes air suspension system, hydraulic suspension system, and hydraulic pendle-axle suspension system for extreme loads ask for extra high capacity per axle-line, large suspension strokes and advanced vehicle-stability. Air suspension system components are supplied from axle producers BPW and SAF. Hydraulic and hydraulic pendle-axle suspension systems are provided by TRIDEC.
Cutting-edge Braking Technology: We continuously update our braking systems with the latest market technologies to ensure optimal safety and performance. Our braking components are sourced from industry-leading suppliers like WABCO, guaranteeing reliability and efficiency on the road.

Loading Ramps

We provide a diverse range of loading ramps tailored to suit various load requirements:

Single-Piece, Lightweight Loading Ramps: Ideal for users prioritizing payload, our single-piece, lightweight loading ramps offer convenience without compromising on load capacity. Perfect for those seeking efficient loading solutions with minimal impact on payload.
Single-Piece, Heavy-Duty Loading Ramps: Designed for users requiring robustness and the ability to transport heavy machinery, our single-piece, heavy-duty loading ramps ensure exceptional strength and durability.
Foldable, Lightweight Loading Ramps: Offering a smaller loading angle while maintaining payload capacity. Our foldable, lightweight loading ramps are perfect for users needing compact loading solutions without sacrificing payload capacity.
Foldable, Heavy-Duty Loading Ramps: Combining strength with a reduced loading angle, our foldable, heavy-duty loading ramps are tailored for users transporting heavy machinery while requiring a more compact loading solution.
Portable Aluminium Loading Ramps: Made from high-quality aluminium and offered in different capacities, our portable aluminium loading ramps are perfect for occasional use.

What is more?

Compliance with European Standards: Our semi-trailers fully adhere to European standards, ensuring they meet all necessary regulations and specifications required for operation within the European market.
State-of-the-Art Lighting Components: Featuring ASPÖCK fully LED lighting components, reflector kits, and overload marker boards, our semi-trailers guarantee optimal visibility and safety on the road.
Premium Surface Treatment: Our semi-trailers undergo shot-blasting to SA2 norms, ensuring superior surface preparation for enhanced durability and longevity.
Anti-Rust Metallization Option: We offer a metallization option with a 15-year anti-rust warranty, providing unparalleled protection against corrosion and rust.
Quality Painting Components: All painting components used in our semi-trailers are supplied by BASF, a trusted name renowned for quality and reliability in the automotive industry.
Automated Lubrication Systems: Opt for automatic lubrication options to streamline maintenance and ensure smooth operation of critical components.
Versatile Storage Solutions: Choose from a variety of tool boxes to suit your specific storage needs, ensuring convenient organization and accessibility of tools and equipment.
Efficient Winching Solutions: Available with electric and hydraulic winches, our semi-trailers offer efficient loading and unloading capabilities for various applications.
Enhanced Aesthetics and Performance: Upgrade to aluminium rims for a sleek appearance and improved performance on the road.
Stabilization and Support: Hydraulic loading support legs provide additional stability during loading and unloading operations, ensuring safety and ease of use.
Extensive Customization Options: Explore our wide range of additional options and features tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that your semi-trailer is perfectly suited to your needs and preferences.

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  • Name: Lowbed Semi Trailer
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  • Areas of activity: Heavy Project Agriculture Construction Railway Vehicles and Equipments Forestry and Wood Military
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